Andrew Lim – Season 2 starts 1st December

First of all I am fully aware of the concept of “Don’t tell anyone your goals”, and if you do there is an increased likelihood that you won’t achieve them. However, having said that, part of what I want to do requires me having to do just that.

Last week I had a few interviews, I noticed a common theme amongst them (I won’t go into detail about that today). This commonality led me to make the jump into doing a full time web development bootcamp. I looked at a few and basically in Sydney it came down to two, Coder Academy and General Assembly (GA). Both bootcamps run roughly 12 weeks, full time, and cost $15,000 to do. I know both of these companies by reputation and both have outstanding recommendations amongst those who do it. I reviewed previous students work, most were okay with a few outstanding ones. The choice was simple, Coder Academy doesn’t start until February and General Assembly starts next week. So I rang them up, asked about their financing plan ($1.5K down with a loan through a credible loan shark once you get a job). All good, I’m excited, sign me up.

Over the weekend I was talking this over with my girlfriend and she was encouraging but knew that the money is something that would hang over me, and said that I should give it some more thought (but supportive no matter what I did). She also gave me some cookies. She’s the best!
So I again went over previous students reviews, previous gitHub projects, looking at their code and figuring out if their level of expertise is worth $15K. For the outstanding ones, it was. Then I reviewed their backgrounds on LinkedIn, most were designers or had a lot of previous coding experience. Hmmm.

One thing I am very good at is making plans. I can research the hell out of something and make a plan that covers every facet of what needs to be covered. The pros, the cons. I SWOT the hell out of it. However, executing is a little different because, well…

And low and behold, I already had a plan that has been sitting next to me for months. It details everything I need to learn, but at the end it said take this course, but don’t do it until the end because it is too expensive. The Google Front-End Developer NanoDegree course is $1300. Four months. Yes pretty expensive but compared to $15K it now seems like I am cheating the system. I did my due diligence, looked at previous students work, They are all the same, but they are definitely more focussed on helping to get work than GA, they provide a lot less support because they are online, but do have 1-on-1 support if you book. And I emailed the coordinator and they have said that they have a career development network in Australia, which is part of the course fee. Basically the additional $13,700 that GA provides is standing over you with a big stick (metaphorically speaking… I hope).

So. There you have it, as of 1st of December I will be doing an intensive 4-month training course in Web Dev with Google. What I found difficult when I was researching was the amount of information about the course is lacking from a students point of view, so that will be the shape of where this blog will go. I also plan to post on LinkedIn (There is a reason for that).

So knowing my goals, don’t jump to the conclusion that I will be an expert in four months, but just that I will be a student writing student blogs about student things.

In other news, I totally failed in my first week of waking up at 5.30am… Byeeeee.








PS – I actually am not enrolling for this until the weekend. There are few reasons, I found a scholarship that AT&T provides for this course and applied, I am waiting to see if Black Friday has an effect on the price (Previously there was a discount) and also if one of the jobs I applied for accepts my proposal (which I don’t think they will) then I may have to reconsider.

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