Did you know there is an AM?

Ive been trialling waking up earlier in the morning. My second time waking up at 5.30 am. My aim is to finally wake up at 4.30am but thought I would take it slow. It is pretty good because it is quite sunny at that time and the traffic is light.

I walk to the gym, then sit for a moment, I might do some gym stuff. Then walk home again while eating an apple. Im hoping in future this will wake me up more, but today I just felt like going straight back to bed.

Finished off another chapter of my TAFE course. still a long way to go but finally knocking it off. I might hold off doing my tests until Friday though.

Also got a follow up job interview on Thursday. The company seems really nice. This time it is three interviews followed by a quiz :S

If you don’t hear from me it may be because I am in a sugar coma because of all the consolatory McFlurrys I will consume.

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