Good Samaritans still exist

Jump to fourth paragraph for the sinister NRMA conspiracy.

Today was an interesting day and all before 9am. I woke up at 5.30am today again (yay me!) but then I watched a bit of the news in bed and then promptly fell asleep (I suck!). But actually it was a good thing, because my sister rang meĀ  and I would of been too far away from home to help her. Her car had a flat tire but luckily she parked at the local shops. She asked me to take her home to pick up the kids and take her hubby to the bus stop (He was walking home in hopes to look after the kids).

So I jumped in the car and picked her up, dropped off her kids and hubby at the bus stop and helped her change her tire (Yay me again!)… Unfortunately it has been well over two decades since Ive had to change a tire. I knew what to do, just couldn’t get those damn lug nuts loosened. I was pushing the tire iron, kicked it, hit it with a wrench. just couldn’t do it. My sister said, well they tighten those with a machine now, and I was thinking…hmm I guess so. Luckily a really nice road service worker (thanks Paul) saw us, and in two seconds pulled on the lug nuts and they came right off. Nothing feels worse than thinking you cant do something and someone comes in and does it right away with no effort. But we were extremely grateful to him. I learnt two things. I’ve got to hit the gym more and I think I need to take a car servicing course (I could just watch a youtube video, but nah, better do it right).

Here is the sinister part.

Before my sister called me, she called the NRMA. She has paid for road side assistance for four years. What she didn’t know is that in order to actually get road side assistance when you want it, you have to activate it on the website. She just thought you pay for it and you get it, sensible, right?

If you don’t activate it you have to wait 48 hours before you can get roadside assistance or pay $99 for them to come out.

Have you activated your NRMA roadside assistance?

In other news I also discovered that if you set up a word press blog within 24 hours you will be hit by tons of spam comments. So in order to stop that you have to download a plugin called ‘stop spammers’. So I did.

Well today I am going to practice making responsive emails as part of my prep for tomorrow. Its easy to do, Its just been a while.

So thanks to Paul for fixing my sisters tire and I promise to fully get up at 5.30am tomorrow (and that’s a big boy promise – no backsies).

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