My first blog post

Okay. keyboard ready, fingers all flexed.


This is my first blog post. I have yet to decide what I will use this for, but to keep consistent with what the book I am reading says, I should try to post every day (If I don’t have a topic, just use it as a diary).

To be extra annoying it says to post to social media so that the whole world can know how boring I am.

Today I tried waking up at 5.30am and immediately went for a 1.5km walk to the gym. Where today was leg day. I hated it because Pennant Hills Road is doing construction and so now to get there I have to walk up a huge flight of stairs. Just thinking about it makes me want to stay in bed tomorrow. But goal achieved, high-fives to me.

Followed up with a bit of Digital Marketing study at TAFE, had lunch at Rashay’s where I planned my week. My pants were promptly picked up from the tailors after that and because I am going to a swanky Opera Gala on Friday with my BAE (which I think stands for Best Anti-Ex (meaning they’re not your ex)) I bought a black tie. Followed up by applying for a few jobs and all in all, a good day.

Oh also I bought this awesome street fighter lego video game box!!!
No reason. It was just the right thing to do.

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